With an area of only 6 km2, Biševo is the farthest inhabited island from the mainland of Croatia's Adriatic sea, located about 7-8 km southwest of the Island of Vis. One of the most outstanding attractions of the Adriatic can be found right here, below the rocks of Biševo: this is the Blue Cave (or Blue Grotto). The island has been inhabited for at least a thousand years, next to the church built in the 11th c. a benedictine monastery was founded, as well - then, the monastery moved to Vis Island, to Komiža

The main appeal of the island is the Blue Cave (Modra špilja). During the hours around noon the rays of the sun paint the sea in the hall of the cave blue, creating a spectacular ambience in the grotto. There is an even larger cave on the southern side of the island, Medveđa Cave - however, to visit that place one should have his own boat.