Adrenaline, fun, speed, and the ultimate experience! This is ''Extreme RIB Racing''



Roughneck 808 VFI Sport

Roughneck 808 VFI Sport


Rib Racing

This is not just a trip on a speedboat, this is a real adrenaline kick ! With high speeds and the necessary G-forces you fly over the water .. An ultimate experience to have .. Because you sit low to the water surface , you experience the sea like no other .. It stimulates your senses in combination with sensation of freedom and adrenaline .



A modern sports car with 300 hp is packed with safety features : ABS , ESC , ABC , airbags , launch control and more . The only safety on a Roughneck 808 300hp is the pilot ! That's why our highly experienced pilots have years of experience and are well trained to every conceivable training.

Depending on the weather conditions, everyone on board will get protective clothing . Also, wearing the mandatory safety lifejacket . Before departure , an accurate safety instructions .

Price : € 60.00 per person . Time : 1 hour ( 20min race )
*min. 4, max. 7 guests.


  • Roughneck 808VFI PRO Sports .
  • Skipper
  • Fuel
  • Insurance

Good to know :

While racing there is no opportunity to take photos. Personal belongings can be stored in the storage provided. There is a GOPRO Camera mounted taking pictures during the ride on board. which we can send by email on request.