Jabuka, the second volcanic island, lies some 70 km northwest of Komiza on the island of Vis. Due to magnetite that can be found in the black, volcanic rocks on the island, compasses become completely useless in the vicinity of this island. 

Boats can rarely be seen in these waters because the island lies far from all sea routes. Therefore, the island is visited only by those who have made it their destination. 

Jabuka can hardly be considered an island. The shoreline is not suitable for docking, the bays are not protected from winds, the steep cliffs make it impossible to build shelter, while the surrounding waters are deep and are not suitable for anchoring. Jabuka is actually a very large, steep, 97 meter high cliff in the shape of a pyramid. It can only be accessed from the southwestern side during favorable weather conditions, which is rarely the case. 

Placed in deep waters, isolated from other islands and channels, Jabuka is exposed to strong winds. Even moderate winds cause large waves on the open sea, therefore one needs a lot of experience and luck to dock on the island. The surrounding waters are rich in fish. Due to the harsh climate, there are only two endemic species: black lizard and the plant Centaurea ("zecina"). Till some 50 years ago, the island was home to an endemic type of carnation, nowadays extinct. 

When there were no motorboats, only the bravest, most enduring fishermen dared go to the island in order to provide for their families by catching large fish and trapping valued lobsters. The island is both a remarkable and frightening sight during nice weather in summer but in winter, when the winds blow causing large waves, Jabuka turns into a life-threatening adventure. 

There is definitely something remarkable and magnificent about these "frightening" volcanic islands containing magnetite that causes compass needles "go berserk" and influences those who come to the islands of Brusnik and Jabuka, making them willing to torture their bodies, bear the harsh conditions and endanger their lives in order to test the limits of their spirits and presence of mind. Outdoor enthusiasts should visit Jabuka and Brusnik only in summer months with the help of an experienced crew.