Who are they… ?   Team Waterworld !?!

The great thing of ''Team Waterworld'' is that we all have different backgrounds . We all came from another parts of jobs but there is one thing in common… and we all have one passion.. SEA.. FLORA... FAUNA... and geographic interests... Plus we love to explore... and specially not on our own.. but with our guests ! Which makes our group unique and special .
We like to joke a little , we like to listen to our guests and we LOVE to speak about our knowledge of the islands…

Can you imagine, we are moving more then 6000 guests a year from 47 different countries… (2018).. That means, so many cultures we are mixing on our tours... and we like to use that 'tool'.., to make the tour unique.. to learn each other during the day, and ending up at the end of the day like a family... 'a Waterworld Family' !!! .. Believe us.. this is so special!!

2019 is going to be a crazy and amazing year again.. with our standard crew, but as well some surprising new team members.. But, we don’t want to blab out everything… So stay in touch and hopefully meeting you on board this season!!

We just introduce a few team members for now… :)


Peter van Pelt

Captain & CEO

Born in the Netherlands, in military forces for 9 years and was working in the music industry as DJ and componist/writer for more then 15 years in the dance and pop scene, worked in the world famous ''Wisseloord studios'' for several years. He moved in 2008 direction Croatia to start a new life.. ready for new challenges and enjoying the quality of living. After 3 years having a beach club in Trogir, decided to follow his passion. 'The sea'.. From young age already connected to the ocean. After working with Team ABNAMRO 1 + 2 for the Volvo ocean race 2005-2006 in his hometown Den Helder, he knew it for sure.. Sea life it is! So he created Waterworld, a tour-company with boats to the Dalmatian islands. With his humor and Philosophy he created a unique company which is already for many years successful operating from Split. His passion for flora and fauna, islands, playing piano and drinking Bacardi are for him the ingredients for a beautiful life in Croatia.


Mirko Loncar

Captain & General manager

Mirko was born in Split, place with good quality of life. Working for nacional company as a managing agent was not making him peaceful and satisfied so he decided to leave his job and start a new life in New York. Fast way of livig in NY was not in his nature so he decided to accept a job offer from Croatia and come back home.
Poor economical situation after world crisis made him to leave his home one more time.
Since he was aware of himself he was surrounded with water and that fact had big influence on decision he made. This time he decided to live on the water and work for a cruise company.
Working for cruise company gave him a lot of benefits and opportunity to see many beautiful places in the world but he realized that the most beautiful one was at home.
To work on the boat was logic decision and then he met Peter and his journey with Waterworld Croatia started...


Josip Filipovic


Josip was born in Split where he graduated hotel tourism management. He is 25 years old who makes him the youngest skipper in the Waterworld team. His first touch with the sea was at the beautiful archipelago of island Vis. Josip was only 18 when he started working on a commercial fishing boat built especially for catching sardines and big game fishing. Working on 'seine' boat was demanding but fulfilling at the same time. Year after that, Josip got the license for boat operator. In the next few years he was working in several companies as the skipper and in the meantime sailing with Trogir YC (sailing club). Josip's biggest interests are geography and history so he is always ready to give you an answer and a good explanation on your interest and questions. As every person is heading to achive something bigger, Josip has found Waterworld. He has been working with us for 2 years an that's just the beginning.