This is a story about a country with thousand islands, about beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage and the heroes whom have put Croatia on the world map. This is a story about a country whose beauty was already sung. In prehistoric times from Cassiodorus who wrote about the coast of the divine life of the patricians , to Dante, whose immortal verses derived from the blue immensity of the sea, to George Bernard Shaw whom found his paradise here. Croatia has traditionally been a true inspiration .

Welcome to Croatia! Welcome to the land whose rich cultural heritage is not only reflected in the numerous museums, galleries and churches, but also in those enchanting places on the Adriatic coast where suddenly the simplest walk a descent along the ancient stairs of a rich and famous history . Many sights stand as monuments of the highest category on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Each step is a new experience as the winding together small white stone streets and alleys follow up to the cheerful ports of the coastal towns in Dalmatia. Croatia is a country with a strong urban culture which numbers more cities than any other part of the Mediterranean whatsoever.

This is one of the ecologically best preserved areas in Europe! This is the land where the hues of the sunny and warm Mediterranean come together in a wonderful way to mix . Himself with silence and freshness of the mountains and the golden plains of Pannonia Moreover, this country , which many world excited and inspired writers have commented , is one of the few areas in Europe that as many as eight national parks is rich .

The Croatian coast with its islands is one of the richest coasts in the world. Of the 1244 islands , cliffs and rocks that remain here after the increase in the Adriatic Sea in 13,000 BC , there are today only 50 inhabited the day. The abundance of islands and islets attracts adventurous tourist from all over the world . Kayakers and yachtsmen are excited about the small islands with their romantic atmosphere , relaxed way of life , peace and beauty .

In many small towns on the islands you will also be excited by the magnificent architecture , ancient monuments , art in stone, wood and on canvas and old papyri .

The excellent monumental stone and is a tradition on the islands . The stone from the island of Brač is used in cities , summer houses and many other works in Croatia , Italy and the rest of the world .

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